The Realm of Joroin

Against the Jarl pt1

“Why do you fight me?” The deep dying voice of the skeletal giant bellows as his sword swings down on the werebear’s shoulder. “What do you seek to gain?”

With a pain filled growl Lorgrim answers “The Jarl, we seek his amulet” his axe buries deep in the now buckling knee of the giant.

“Mortals, next time just ask…” The giant grunts as he steps back and lowers his sword, his wolf backs down, still growling, and the puddings slink back into their icy depressions. Reaching up, the giant removes his helm, displaying a huge cut that nearly splits his skull. “This is what he gave me as he took my throne and cursed me to wander these caverns… I owe him no loyalty… I can show you the fastest route to his keep… as long as you swear to kill him so that I might be released to my ancestors.”

The group as a whole is taken aback, not sure if they can trust the undead behemoth, but after a short parlay they agree that taking his offer is best and they then head out along the path he set (short rest only).

Following small hidden pathways, not wide enough for a giant to travel but plenty wide for a white warg, the heroes travel for half the day until the icy roof overhead gives way to a blue haze as the light from above filters through the frozen fog that hovers in this huge cavern.

Ahead two features stand out as expected. A set of thirty foot tall metal doors set in the side of the glacial ravine, and a semi circle wall of ice that stands roughly half that height. The lair of the gate guards is all that is between them and the Jarl’s keep.

Knowing what they face they grimace and walk slowly toward their fate…

(We start at this point on Monday night. Please advance to level 18. No changes to equipment.)


Ah, wonderful. Let’s get this motherfucking show on the motherfucking road and own some shit.


Against the Jarl pt1

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