The Realm of Joroin

Elsewhere pt1

While the heroes are off in the Elemental Chaos searching for Venca’s Phylactery the world continues to turn…

…an unknown location…

“Sit the fuck down!” bellows the demon kings voice… the sound of pure evil, death vocalized. It makes Kerrin’s skin crawl and what is left of his heart beat heavy. Kerrin has learned, slowly and painfully, that when Bane speaks he obeys.

Now sitting, Kerrin looks up just enough to see the monstrous red dragon across from him… parts of its flesh missing, its wings in tatters, and an enormous burn around its neck from the chains that once bound him.

“My lord, what can your servant do to please you this day?”

“More must die. Your work has been excellent but slow. I need them all to die. They must all die now!”

“I see my lord; might I receive the aide I requested last we spoke… it will allow me to more quickly dispatch of those who oppose you… those who cause you such pain.” It is hardly noticeable but Bane picks up on the slight pleasure Kerrin has when he says the word… pain.

“Fine. Use it as long as it will let you, but know that it may consume what is left of you and your final payment we agreed upon may no longer be available to you.”

“A risk I am willing to take to further your cause. Death to Pelor and all who see his light!”
The dragon laughs slightly at the assassins fervor and with a wave dismisses Kerrin back to Dauos to play with his new toy.

Alone in his ‘office’, Kerrin looks over the slender wire… he sees the distorted faces of all who it has slain stare back at him… “Use me servant of Bane. Use me and I will show you powers you have never dreamed up”

Kerrin shakes his insubstantial head, as if it will help clear the newest voice added to the sinister choir that sings to him daily, and makes his way into the shadows to start working with his new toy.

…a small farm just north of Drusett…

“MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY…” the screeches pour in from the yard as a worried mother runs outside, grabbing her daughter up by the arm, and speeds them both to the cellar doors. Swinging them open with one hand and sending her daughter down… THUD.

Looking up at the sound the child is covered in a shower of warm blood as an amorphous pod punches though her mother’s chest and rends the body in two… dropping the pieces onto the now silent child.

…the riverside graveyard, Dauos…

“I need your help. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon. I know why you stand here day and night, and I do understand. Some days I wish I could join your watch. I cannot. I must act, and I must act soon. You do not know the way, but I will show it to you when the time is right my friend. You are stronger than you know and many will lean on that strength. The battle the gods are preparing for will rip this world apart and I must prepare for that, even if the one I follow will be a cause of the destruction.”

A small tear drips to the dirt below.

“When I call, know it is my last resort… and until then keep your watch vigilant over these graves old wolf.”

After a moment of silence the High Priestess of Pelor takes her hand off the low hanging branch and walks back to her guards… they continue their daily tour of the common district, helping and healing as it is needed.


I like it, sir. I like it a lot! It is my only pity in taking part in this game that I don’t have more background and gravitas to add to the overall story!

Elsewhere pt1

How in the wide, wide, world of sports have I missed these fictions? Awesome sauce all over my face!

Elsewhere pt1

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