The Realm of Joroin

Taunting is Bad, Mkay?

The Mad Lich

Vecna adventure med

Descent into Darkness

OOC: I was a little bored, so here is something.

A thousand dead hearts pumped with the fury of a mad god. The stench of rot and death so permeated the air that even the undead sage, Xenophanes, could feel the bile rise in his throat. Corpse after corpse filled the room in a riotous display of power and the heroes stood firm.

“This is what you call a god? You speak in my mind, taunting me, tempting me, trying to draw me to your side and for what? Why would I join you, pathetic Avatar?” Xenophanes blasted out all around him with shadows, ripping into the animating nexus within each corpse and ripping it asunder.

“You call yourself a god? A lich, even? And still we stand, wearing you down inch by inch until nothing will remain. You should beg us to offer mercy, poor deity, for nothing you do now can prevent the inevitable. Are you so weak that we are actually surviving your most terrible onslaught, or are you holding back in reserve? I believe it’s the latter…you should run, Vecna. Flee while your body still stands. For once the corpse is cold on the ground we shall destroy your very soul and end your existence. Flee, undead god. Flee!”

With those words, Xenophanes cackled madly looking each of his allies in the eyes, but finally settling upon the vampire. The cold steel mask hid any expression, but Aria could feel the intensity, the demand.

Show him.

End this!




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