The Realm of Joroin

The Decision.

No one would have thought that the icy wind at their back would be such a welcome feeling, but it was just the same. Sitting around the magical brazier in the newly repaired tent, the group looked over the item taken from the chest of the Jarl.

The crystal sphere, slightly blue in color, seems to resize itself to fit into the palm of whoever is holding it. It is warm to the touch but not so much as to be uncomfortable, much the opposite… it feels good, so good in fact that it is difficult to put it away at time – especially in this sub-freezing weather. After caressing and prodding the sphere the group is able to determine that it is an ‘Orb of the Usurper’ (lvl 23).

Rolled up scrolls turn out to be plans, battle plans to be exact, and a letter. The letter reads;

His Magnificence, King Snurre, commends your efforts.
However, he grows impatient with the tactical raids and
demands that you prepare the next major offensive
against the human settlements and dwarven clanholds.
Also, we have nearly exhausted our stock of slaves
and require more prisoners. See to this at once!

Obmi, Advisor to the King

The plans show and detail the routes and tactics for attacks on trade routes, small villages, and even Drusett – giving the giants a point to then attack Plagea and Daous… The only problem with that plan, as mentioned in the scrolls, is passing through (or near) the ruins of Saddle-Brook… Tiamat’s land. It appears that King Snurre is not ready to take that step yet.


After a few days at sea Rikki Cooper is able to navigate her way back to the village and help the group supply up for their trek back to the outskirts of Sukmur (where your gate that brought you here lies).

Travel out of the elemental plane of ice seems to take twice as long as it did coming in, constantly fighting off ice demons, drakes, and more often undead… undead that have crawled their way out of the ice itself hunt down the group.

Finally escaping the realm of ice, the group makes their way back to Obanar the Sage – who promptly assists in activating the gate he guards, allowing the group quick passage back to the Church of Pelor and Lia.


Over the next few days the group rests and recuperates from their recent ordeal. Overjoyed that time had not run rampant while they were gone, in truth it seems that time moved at the same pace in the realm of ice as it did in the rest of Joroin.

The group and Lia decide that two options are basically available; Vecna or King Snurre. It is obvious that both must be stopped and soon… and Lia leaves it to the group to decide who they want to go after, while Lia and the Legions of Dragonborn that she has bartered to command handle the other one.


1. You decide. I need votes PM before Friday or you don’t get a vote.
2. Everyone advance to level 21 (report to me your choice of epic destiny)
3. Everyone advance all items to +4 (where applicable)
4. Everyone pick 1 common or uncommon item of level 20 or lower to add to your character. If the new item replaces an old item, discard the old item and consider it a trade in.
5. Everyone pick 5 consumables of level 20 or lower (nothing rare).

Sorry for the much condensed version of what I wanted to do, but work is actually busy and I am having actually work… :(


Absolutely wonderful. I like that we are advancing in the campaign and we aren’t just skipping material. You have us doing things going through the levels and proceeding into major story events.

I will send you a PM on this as well, but for my part, I think “in for a penny, in for a pound.” If we can destroy Vecna, we can destroy the giants and/or help Lia if she requires it. I think focusing on the destruction of Vecna is the best way to go.

Also, for my part, and especially since I think I am the only other character that could viably use the Orb of the Usurper, I would like to suggest that Bobby’s Enchanter use it. We both target Will a significant portion of time, but Bobby probably does it more often AND the effect story-wise seems to work better for his character.

In character, I will like to examine the item for its relation to Vecna, but then suggest that Zhule use it carefully and with great precision.

OOC: Let’s go fuck Vecna up.

IC: This is a bad idea.

The Decision.

I second sticking the shaft to Vecna. Dan, I’ll PM you later about things relating to the non-chest item. I’m also fine with Bobby taking the Orb, as I stole it from the chest for him anyways.

The Decision.

Questions: Do we advance non + items up a tier (Heroic to Paragon, Paragon to Epic), or is that covered by the one item replacement thing? Second question, since we’re in the +4 area, do we masterwork our armor?

The Decision.

I also agree with taking out Vecna.

The Decision.

If anyone doesn’t have a good choice for a Level 20 item, Revenant Ankh. Do it.

The Decision.

Non + items that have a higher tier version move up by 1 tier.

Masterwork armor is not being used. Just regular junk.

The Decision.

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