(m) Lorgrimm

Lorgrimm Ironforge is a black-haired, black-bearded dwarf, scarred and red-faced from many years of blacksmithing. Wears blacksmith leathers and carries a battleaxe.


Lorgrimm Ironforge was born the 20th of Slumber’s Night, late in the 13th Year of the Eternal, in the new city of Sukmur, northernmost of the Five.

His family had been blacksmiths in the City of Argent, who fled after the Elemental Wars, looking for a place near the mountains where they could acquire ore to practice their trade, yet still safe from the orcs and other Dark creatures who roamed the wilds.

As he grew up and honed his skills at the forge under the tutelage of his uncle Torgan, while his father Grimmvir was gone on frequent trading trips to the mountains to acquire ore from the dwarven clans still in the wilds… or at least, that is what he believed.

This year, on the 11th of Harvest’s Night, he learned the truth.

Torgan came running into the family quarters late that night, out of breath and obviously frightened. He explained that Lorgrimm’s father had been wounded outside the city and he must come quickly.

Torgan led Lorgrimm to a hidden cave at the foothills of the Great Northern Mountains as quickly as possible, but when they arrived they were too late. Grimmvir was dead. However, the obvious dwarven warriors present revealed the truth; while the Ironforge clan was one of smiths and forgers, Lorgrimm’s father had been a warrior for the City of Argent who survived the battle of Saddle-Brook, and became a member of the Anvils of Light , fighting in secret to protect the land from the evils of The Eternal One and overthrow his order. Their raiding party, while hunting for orcs in the mountains, were ambushed and the eldest Ironforge had been mortally wounded in the battle.

With the haste Lorgrimm and his uncle had made running from the city to the cave, it was now too dangerous for the rebels to stay. The other members of the Anvils quickly paid their respects to Lorgrimm and his uncle and fled further into the mountains before they could be discovered.

Though nearing middle age and never having trained as a warrior, Lorgrimm now feels he must continue his father’s legacy. Taking with him his father’s battleaxe (his armor was too damaged to repair), he has set out into the world to try to fight back the darkness that has befallen the land.

He doesn’t yet feel worthy to try to join the Anvils of Light (also, they didn’t ask), yet also does not want to draw attention to them.

Therefore, he has come south to Dauos to seek his destiny…

(m) Lorgrimm

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