hafling thief with brown hair and eyes.


Gabe’s Character


I was about 20 when I was traveling alone when I was beaten and robbed by a group of shades ,and had lost a most preciouse heirloom passed down by a generation of halflings. The heirloom was a ring that was emerald green and had an engraving in the inside of it that said," never give up". It tore me up inside. Then I swore to steal from theives themselves and keep what I had stolen and do whatever I please with it. Wether it was to give it back to its rightfull owner or make a profit or trade with it. Then to keep myself from revenge of others or to keep from being captured I had paid a wizard with some money I had stolen to erase my name from my memory to conceale my identity in case of torture. I gave myself no name to be able to change apearance every so often so no one would know who I was.


The Realm of Joroin BlackPaws