Arancor's Blade

Magical sword once used by Anastacia Arancor herself

weapon (melee)

Arancor’s Blade
Level -
Weapon: Light Blade
Enhancement: +2 attack and damage rolls
Critical: +2d6, +2d10 against shadow creatures

Property: While you wield this weapon your shield bonus to AC and Reflex increase by 1

Power (at-will): Minor. You can change the weapon to any other one handed light blade. The weapon stays in this form until you use the power again.

Power (daily): Free. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is outlined by a golden nimbus and does not gain the benefit of concealment of cover (save ends). The target benefits from total concealment or superior cover as normal. If the target is a creature that has the shadow origin, then it also takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (ends on same save as above).


The blade normally presents itself as a shortsword or rapier, but will actually (as an at will minor action) change shape and function to that of any one handed light blade (an actual blade not a wrist razor or the like).

The blade is highly polished steel, with such a high shine it could be used as a mirror in the right circumstances; and it never requires cleaning as nothing sticks to the blade.

The hilt and pommel vary slightly with the type of light blade, but generally appear as the same highly polished steel as the blade, wrapped in thin red leather strands that hang down (in such a way that they add a flurish to each swing of the blade).

Arancor's Blade

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