Blood Moon's Armor


+2 Scale Armor (Moon Armor) (Enduring Beast Armor) (Adds Werebear Theme)

Property: While you’re in darkness or dim light (including starlight), you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

Property: While you are in hybrid or bear form, you regain 2 additional hit points whenever you spend a healing surge.
Level 15: Gain 4 additional hit points
Level 25: Gain 6 additional hit points

Power (Healing) Daily (Minor Action): You spend a healing surge and regain hit points as normal.

Gain all powers granted by the Werebear Theme in article 410-Howl at the Moon


a set of old scale mail armor with black fur lining that has a decent sized puncture near the kidney, upon further inspection the armor is only tinted to look rusty and old but is actually in very good condition (except for the puncture)

Blood Moon's Armor

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