aka The Orc Slayer

weapon (melee)

Artifact Weapon (Unique)
Heavy Blade (Scimitar)

+2 attack and damage rolls, +4 attack and damage vs. Orcs and Goblins

critical +2d10, +4d10 vs. Orcs and Goblins

property: once per round, when you hit with an attack using this weapon the creature you hit takes 1d6 extra fire damage

property: wounds created by the Scarblade leave ragged, ashen scars even when healed with magic. The weapon emits red sparks and leaves a black scorch mark when it hits.

power:(daily): Standard Action. Striking the ground with the sword creates a crevasse 1 square wide, 5 squares long and up to 2 squares deep beginning in the square you strike and extending in a straight line away from you. Any creature that is entirely in the affected area must save of fall into the crevasse.


The Scareblade is a dark and rugged scimitar forged in ancient times. It resonates with great power when it is near orcs. Originally crafted for an Orc war chief to keep his brood in check the weapon has changed hands so many times over the years the origin story has been lost.

It is rumored that the sword will telepathically communicate with its master, or if it is without a master – the master it wants. Stories say that the blade is very positive and only seeks the most proud and honorable of masters, despite the fact that it has been in Orcish hands for a majority of its life it still holds to the beliefs of honor and justice that it was created with.


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