The Nanoc

An ancient artifact that is known to change the plots of man and god alike

weapon (melee)

The Nanoc will appear as whatever weapon or implement it deems most useful at the time it is found.

It has a bonus to hit equal to its wielder level divided by 4.

As far as can be determined it has infinite magical properties, allowing what ever it deems most useful at the time to become active and be used by its current owner.


In the Titans War The Nanoc was used by Moradin to slay the last of the Titan Lords and drive the tyrants from the mortal realm. When the fighting was over, and Moradin was elevated to god status, he the goddess Melora hid The Nanoc away in a secret pocket dimension… deeming that it was to powerful for any mortal to wield.

Centuries later The Nanoc was retrieved from its resting place by a band of adventurers bent on saving the world from a new tyrant – Simon the Eternal. The weapon was reportedly used by two different heroes, depending on the story you hear, in the battle for Saddlebrook. Although the heroes were successful in that battle, the war was lost as was the location of The Nanoc.

The Nanoc

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