City of Argent

Argent was one of the oldest cities in the world, standing atop a mountain overlooking the INSERT LAKE NAME HERE, until it was razed in the Elemental Wars. It was established and ruled by the Dwarves, who in the wake of the Titans War retreated behind its walls. One of the last to wear the Cloak, Krunk ‘Kneecapper’, made his final stand in the courtyards of Argent… defending the city that had defended so many of the Silver Cloaks before him.

At one time crowds filled the hallowed streets of Argent, hoping to catch a glimpse of the champions from across the land. The place was magical, almost holy, designed to provide for the safety and well-being of those selected to wear the Cloak. More over, the place was imbued with supernatural defenses, portals to other places, and other arcane mechanisms that the champions found helpful in their mission to protect the natural world from threats emerging from the borderlands between civilization and the unknown.

It was these same supernatural defenses that to this day thwart the attempts of Simon the Eternal to raise a city atop the grounds of Argent. Some whisper that the secrets needed to defeat him and end his lifeless rule lay somewhere in Argents ruins… but the dwarves rumor that the city itself is alive and not very hospitable to visitors.

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City of Argent

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