Excerpt - A Catalogue of Fallen Houses

An excerpt from A Catalogue of Fallen Houses by Sandal Joesel:

….such as other minor houses of note that ceased to during the time of Simon’s reign. Dracomortis was a once-prominent house that, while still retaining lands in and about the city of Dauos, had shrunk instead of grown over the years. Primarily a merchant house before the war, rumors still buzzed about of a curse that had plagued the Dracomortis line and was what was responsible for its general decline. Ancient records speak of their origins as a line of dragon hunters, but with the decline of dragons in the world, they switched their focus to the buying, selling, importing and exporting of goods. By the time of the start of the war, the only known direct descendants of the house were a single family with one daughter. There is a record of the death of the elder Dracomortis’ in the street during a riot, having been stripped of their lands and title and forced to live in squalor. Records of the daughter, a girl named Aria, stop shortly before that, and it is assumed she perished when the city was full of chaos. No mention has ever been made of her again, and no one has ever stepped up to reclaim the Dracomortis title.

The Dracomortis coat of arms, reproduced here, has since been relegated to the city of Dauos’ archives.

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Excerpt - A Catalogue of Fallen Houses

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