River Cemetary

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The River, as it is called by those living in the Farm Belt is one of three cemeteries in the farming region of Dauos. It was built shortly after the end of the Elemental Wars, and being almost 100 years old now, the graveyard is not as clean and tidy as most would like. Unfortunately no one with the means to clean it up cares enough to do so. The gravestone are tilted and tipped, the trees are dying or dead and the tombs are showing cracks along the once pristine granite and marble walls.

Guards wander past and through the area about every hour or so, but this does not seem to cut down on the grave robbing that has for the most part emptied out anything of value that the dead may have wanted to take with them on their long journey.

Currently, there is a rumor that an ancient tome that describes the magic used to defend the city of Argent so many years ago is buried in a tomb in this graveyard. This information has created a race to find the tome by more than once faction in the city.

River Cemetary

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