Sehanine was killed by Gruumsh in the streets while aiding the other gods of light in the defeat of Simon the Eternal.

The information below is outdated and not accurate, but at one time was so it is here for historical purposes.

God of the moon and autumn, Sehanine is the patron of trickery and illusions. She has close ties to Corellon and Melora and is a favorite deity among elves and halflings. She is also the god of love, who sends shadows to cloak lovers’ trysts. Scouts and thieves ask for her blessing on their work. Her teachings are simple:

  • Follow your goals and seek your own destiny.
  • Keep to the shadows, avoiding the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil.
  • Seek new horizons and new experiences, and let nothing tie you down.

As cloaked in mystery as Sehanine’s church is, little is known of its secretive hierarchy.
Clerics of Sehanine are mystics and seers, acting as spiritual counselors to those elves and half-elves before they begin journeys in search of transcendence or enlightenment. Clerics of Sehanine also officiate over funerals and guard the material remains of the dead. They weave illusions and cast divinations to guard elven lands and strongholds. When they adventure, it is often with the goal of uncovering lost knowledge of illusions and divinations.
Sehanine’s clergy favors silvery-white diaphenous gowns for the priestesses, and togas for the priests. They wear silver diadems on their heads, simple sandles, and silver lace sashes on their waists. Adventuring clerics are known for their elven chain mail and mirrored shields.

Creation of the elves

During the battle with Gruumsh, Sehanine’s tears mingled with Corellon’s blood, forming the first elves.

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