The Realm of Joroin

An orc and and ghost walked into a bar...

Paws, after receiving information about the Orcs that killed his family, gathered his friends Lia, Lorrgrim, and Aria – along with a new ally, a dwaven fighter of some type; they started out to find the Orc tribe known as The Severed Eye and the magic sword, Scarblade, they posses. After just over a week of travel south of The Evergreens the group came across the northern road that is to take them into the heart of The Severed Eye Tribes lands; with little effort they were able to do just that and easily finding the gladiatorial pit that holds Scarblade as its prize.

Without much investigation or negotiation the group found itself ‘volunteering’ to fight in the pit to try and help Paws win his sword. Leading off with an easy fight got both the growing crowd and the group of adventurers excited, but the brutality of the second round has the heroes reeling a bit as the crowd is split in who it wants to win…

We start next week as the 3rd round gets ready to open.



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