The Realm of Joroin

Wipe Out... or almost at least.

After a deadly fight with not only the corrupted Jaryn, but the demon that was possessing him, Lia looks around the desecrated temple with a small tear running down her cheek. Where Jack’s body should be was instead a bloody pile of a grey skinned humanoid figure – just like the minion’s of Tiamat they had killed back in town. Was Jack a traitor? Or was he in hiding? Without much debate she decided on the later, and packed up his remains to return to the Temple of Pelor – they should be able to bring him back to life after all he has done for them.

Looking around the scene again Talwhyn and Zebith were both gone… not only dead, but their bodies were gone also. Talwhyn left a golden outline of mystical energy that was slowly fading away, while Zebith left behind a shadowy smudge on the floor where he had fallen… and of course there was no sign of Kerrin the Traitor – who at the first opportunity sided with the Demon and whisked away to who knows where.

Only Julian and her still stood after this horrific battle, and they worked together to get back to Dauos safely… but then went their separate ways. Julian to spend his hard earned gold and Lia to the Temple to report her findings.



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