Battle of Saddle-Brook

This battle was the launching point for the Elemental Wars that raged for nearly a decade before the powers of darkness triumphed over light, and plunged the lands into the chaotic control of The Eternal One.

Although this battle was not nearly the largest of the war, it was one of the most important, as those heroes prophesized to save the realm did all they could do and bested Simon’s hordes that day. However their losses were great and it left an opening for the enemy to strike again while they were still weak.

The legendary Rikki Cooper was slain defending the city’s bridge, her body lost in the sea of corpses that burned that night outside the walls.

Krunk ‘Kneecapper’ was also slain, but his body was found during the fighting and he was drug back into the Fey Tower where the elves made sure he was sent safely to his allies in Argent to be brought back to life.

With the city’s defenses at a minimum and support from Devonshire still days away Simon called upon a favor, a pact he had made many years go. He summoned forth Tiamat’s avatar. A horribly mutated Elemental Aberration that stood nearly 40 feet tall… Panserous. The Beast used his matrons powers with impunity has he single handedly razed the city to the ground.

Once the city fell, Simon moved directly to the portal that connected the city to the Fey Tower, He transported into the tower and began their assault on it. Not to invade the Fey Wild as expected, but to destroy the portal to the Fey Wild itself… soon collapsing the gate forever and eliminating any chance at Elven reinforcements… ever.

After the Tower was corrupted and destroyed Simon turned to Panserous, bowed to his might, and offered him the ruins of the city and its surrounding lands as homage… Panserous has not left the ruins since.
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Battle of Saddle-Brook

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