Opposing the cavaliers and the virtues that they champion are the blackguards, who embody the dreaded vices that the cavaliers stand against. Where cavaliers embrace compassion, justice, sacrifice, and valor, blackguards epitomize fury, tyranny, greed, and terror. Since the earliest days of history, these two factions have fought each other. Both wander the land, gathering allies and working to further the cause of their virtues or vices.

The world knows cavaliers to be shining paragons who champion lofty ideals such as compassion, nobility, sacrifice, and valor. Such virtuous figures are symbols to the common people, icons from which they draw the strength and courage to stand fast against the encroaching darkness. Yet in every light a shadow lurks—the brightness of these noble warriors is equaled by the shadow spreading from their sinister counterparts… the Blackguard.


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