Character Building


All characters must use 4E Essentials material only (not all open 4e… basically what is allowed on the encounters part of the character builder. If you have a question about it message me)

Campaign Concept

This campaign is going to be different than the last one, below is a short list of things to look for and to keep in mind while building your character.

  • Religion and the gods will be central to the story
  • The avatars of the gods are movers and shakers in the world
  • Politics and political intrigue will take place
  • Exploration of ruins and dungeons will be more one shot deals than six week quests
  • There will be downtime for characters to do ‘their own thing’ between plot points
  • more to come…

All characters must have a background, this can be short and sweet or long and detailed… as long as it tells me what you have been doing up to the day we start playing. Feel free to email me ideas and questions and I will answer them promptly. All characters must have a birthday listed (see Calender) with their background.


Each character must have a goal to start their adventuring life with. It could be as simple as wanting to take over your fathers business, or as lofty as overthrowing the evil tyrant that rules the land. This goal can, and will, change over time as your character and the campaign evolve.


I am putting no restrictions on alignment, just know that I will hold you to your choice as will the world you will be playing in.


Each character starts with 50 gold to buy equipment, and any single item purchased that costs 25 gold or more must be included in your background (where and how you received the item). Remember, your starting equipment is not all bought at one time, it represents what you have accumulated up until the time you start your adventure.

Inherent Bonuses

We will NOT be using inherent bonuses in this campaign.


We will be using my style of NO experience points in this campaign. Each player will advance at the same rate, and you will advance when I tell you.

This system is subject to change at any time without notice :)

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Character Building

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