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The City of Dauos (Dow-z) was the first to be created by The Eternal One. It is was raised from the ash covered ruins of Devonshire in only 3 days time.

As with the other four cities in the realm, rock and stone were magically reshaped to create the central castle, then hundred foot tall walls sprung from the earth itself to surround the remaining ruins. Once completed he left the inhabitants to build for themselves. They spent years living in squalor as they built housing, storage, shops and so-on. Some moved just outside the city walls to farm the land… over time they extended miles in every direction and at the edge of the farmland they constructed another set of walls (these are only twenty feet high) to protect them from the wilds beyond. The wilds that their ruler left to the chaos that was his army… as payment for services rendered.

The city is over crowded, its buildings seem erratic and inconsistent, and technology has taken hold on most residents with coin to spend. Long thin bridges grace the sky line, connecting the towers that seem to reach for the clouds; a set of roads is build about thirty feet above the ground level streets, allowing access to the roofs and taller buildings without having to deal with the masses down below. There are no single story buildings inside the city, with the large majority being at least three stories (to take advantage of the roads)

Streets are on ground level, and are either made of packed dirt or paved with stone depending on the part of town you are in. Walkways to not exist, people walk the streets along with the carts and wagons. Streets run right up to the doors of the buildings that line them continuously. Most streets are twenty feet or more wide, but they narrow the further from the center of town you get, and the closer to the housing areas you get. There is no direct lighting on most streets, they only receive the remnants of the light from the roads above.

Roads are build up and over the streets and are built very strong (stone supports mounted to buildings, with huge timber planks spanning side to side), they can support supply wagons, beasts of burden, and the like with ease. Roads tend to mimic the width of the street below them and tend to be much better lit, with lanterns hung as often as needed.

Bridges are built higher yet (some over 100’ high) and do not usually follow the paths of the streets and roads. They are not built for mass transit but more for light weight carts and people only, as they are constructed of much thinner spans of stone, metal, and even crystal; and as opposed to the man made streets and roads the bridges are magically crafted and there for only run to and from the richest parts of town.


The Pitch Fork – A small pub in the farm district
Merchant Square – In the center of the northern half of the city, this famed area is bustling with people night and day and is also the location of the battle that slew Simon the Eternal.


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