Drow stand just shy of human height and have slender, athletic builds. Physically, they resemble eladrin but with midnight black skin that has a blue cast. Their eyes are fiery red, lavender, or ice blue. All drow have white hair, which most keep long and decorated with intricate pins and bands wrought from precious metals. Aside from their tresses and eyebrows, drow have no facial hair.Drow2Drow

In general the drow, or dark elves, have life spans somewhat shorter than those of their surface elf cousins. Drow who manage to avoid dying a violent death in the Underdark can live for well over two hundred years, and exceptional members of the race measure their ages in centuries.

When the Fey races left Joroin for their own kingdom in the Fey Wild the surface dwelling Fey voted to leave the Drow behind to live in their caves and caverns deep beneath the surface of the world. This decision was a hard one, but one that had to be made based on the brutal lifestyle the drow had adopted during Lolth’s rule. The Eladrin and the Drow had never gotten along, but this act drove the stake in the heart of their relationship. To this day the drow blame them for being left behind and will not associate themselves with them except under the most dire of circumstances. For the most part today the drow are accepted in the world by all but the remaining few members of the Eladrin race; and that is fine with the Drow, as they hold no love for their ex-brethren. The worship of Lolth is however not accepted by anyone (even most drow), and is cause for immediate execution throughout Joroin.

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