Halflings stand about 4 feet tall and weigh about 80 pounds as adults. They resemble small humans and are proportioned like human adults. Halflings have the same range of complexions as humans, but most halflings have dark hair and eyes. Halfling males don’t have beards, but many have long, full sideburns. Halflings of both genders often wear complicated hairstyles, featuring complex braiding and weaving techniques. Halflings typically dress in clothes that match their surroundings, preferring earth tones and various shades of green. Their clothing and gear feature woven textures and stitching. Birds, river patterns, boats, and fish are common images in halfling art and decoration. Halfings are often referred to as ‘gypsies’, a term describing their nomadic lifestyle, seemingly random attitude towards life, and their disregard for the lands laws.Halfling2Halfling1

Halflings have life spans run short, most not living past forty.

The Halflings are the newest ‘race’ to Joroin, when the Fey Tower was destroyed the magic unexplainebly ported their entire race from the Fey Wild to Joroin. They were dropped dead smack in the middle of the Southern Plains and have been scrounging there as best they can while trying to avoid the wrath of Simon.

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