Hexblades are arcane casters who learn to shape the arcane energy of their pacts into deadly weapons, such as a sword forged from infernal power or a slender blade that gleams with fey magic. Both a warrior and an arcanist, a hexblade uses a deadly combination of spells and fighting ability during combat.

Few people trust hexblades. Although most common folk are at best suspicious of mages, the typical mage isolates himself or herself while engaging in arcane study, rarely exposing the populace to deadly magic. Hexblades come by their power through an easier, and more easily mistrusted, path. Some of the greatest villains to plague the land have been hexblades. After stumbling across the rituals and incantations needed to contact and forge a bargain with a mighty entity, a marauding bandit or a bloodthirsty orc chieftain could become a hexblade. The entities that would grant power to hexblades care little for how such a gift is used. Their interest is focused on the souls and the power provided to them by those to whom they give power through a pact. And such evil hexblades don’t isolate themselves in the wild, but instead take what they want from those less powerful.

Those few hexblades who prefer to be honorable face suspicion and persecution from a variety of quarters, because their magic is misunderstood and typically wielded by villains. Even though these hexblades choose to do good, most are forced to the shadows by suspicion and fear from common folk, and they must strike at evil in secret, working behind the scenes to keep the fragile structure of civilization intact.


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