Joroin (row-in) is now a realm where few cities exist; but man has started to fight back against the hordes of chaos that Simon allowed to control the lands outside his walls. Signs of light are now shining through the dark clouds and soon, maybe, the land will be tamed once again.


City of Argent – Ruined City in the North
Devonshire – Ruins that lay under Dauos
Fey Tower – Destroyed gate to the Fey Wild
Fey Wild – Home to the Fey creatures
Great Northern Mountains – Northern most region of the known world
Icy River – Cold river that runs from the Great Northern Mountains to Dauos
Saddle-Brook – A ruined town in the north, site of horrific battle
Southern Ocean – Southern most region of the known world
The Five – The five great cities of Joroin

Joroin Castes

When under Simon’s rule a citizen of Joroin is born into one of six castes: noble, merchant, divine, martial, arcane, or commoner. A man or woman can petition to join another caste, but it’s expensive (5,000 gp) and requires the written approval of a magistrate. Since the fall of Simon another option to change your caste has been institued, you can go through the Rite of Rebirth and allow Bahamut set you in the path that his diving insight sees best fits you.

Each caste is described below:

Noble Caste: Joroinese of the noble caste enjoy great privilege and prestige, and they are allowed to stay with their families and retain their family names. Nobles live in luxury, leaving the day-to-day chores and business to others. A few ambitious nobles become politicians, magistrates, or viziers.

Merchant Caste: Joroinese of the merchant caste, much like the noble caste, are born into it. Unlike the nobles, they tend to work much harder and are expected to make the trek cross country as regional goods need to be traded between cities. Ambitious members of the merchant caste gifted with a flair for politics and diplomacy often seek to become viziers, to lead merchant houses, or to create new ones.

Divine Caste: Among the people of Joroin is the divine caste. Simon has outlawed all organized religion, but since his fall and the rise of the dragon-gods there has been an increase in the visibility of the Divine Caste. There are many who practice on their own; healing and blessing those that need. All members of the divine caster are members of other castes who have for one reason or another given up that life for one of faith.

Martial Caste: Initiates of the martial caste are taken from their commoner family’s homes at age 3, stripped of their family names, and subjected to twelve years of basic martial training followed by three years of gladiator training. Many do not survive the training, let alone the gladiatorial trials-by-combat. Those who survive become soldiers of the empire. Within the martial caste are elite sects that serve specific military functions, including the Dragon Core (a much-feared military police force within the cities proper).

Arcane Caste: Joroinese of the arcane caste are separated from their commoner family’s at age 3, stripped of their family names, and assigned to mages as pupils. After several years of study and magical testing, they become apprentices. The exact number of years depends on the ability of the individual, but the average period of study is twelve years. Apprentices are pitted against one another in arcane duels; those who prevail become mages, hexblades or binders in the service of the empire. Within the arcane caste are elite sects that specialize in particular fields of magical study, but very few members of the caste actually belong to them.

Commoner Caste: Commoners are not entitled to special training and cannot legally become soldiers, spell casters, or politicians. Their options are usually limited to family-run businesses, menial labor, and artisanship.

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