A mage is a specialized spellcaster who focuses on the tenets of a particular school of magic. This specialization makes each mage distinctive. After all, a mage who casts evocation spells presents a very different picture to the world from a mage who has mastered the art of illusion or enchantment.

Mages tend to approach arcane magic with a more scholarly bent than other arcane casters, and that’s saying a lot. Don’t expect to find adventuring mages hidden away in dusty towers, however. They hit the ground running, ready to explore every dungeon and ancient ruin in search of lore and knowledge that will increase their understanding of everything arcane—and thereby increase their personal power.

The ancient traditions of the schools have been handed down since the first mortals began to dabble in arcane magic. What started as techniques and methods of training between masters and apprentices eventually became more institutionalized, and eventually actual academies of arcane study sprang up in the world and even among the eladrin of the Feywild. In time, single towers devoted to a single arcane discipline gave way to grand academies where illusion magic was taught alongside evocation magic.


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