Pre-“Year of the War” Pantheon

Current Pantheon

Good Deities

Bahamut, the god of the gods
The Mithral Dragon
Justice, Protection, Civilaization, Law, and Nobility

Avandra, the goddess of adventure
The Silver Dragon
Change, Luck, Travel, Love and Spring

Melora, the goddess of nature
Anastasia Arancor
Wilderness, Nature, the Moon, and the Sea

Pelor, the god of the light
The Gold Dragon
Sun, Agriculture, Time, and Sumer

Neutral Deities

Corellon, the god of the Fey Wild
The Green Dragon
Beauty, Art, Magic, and Autumn

Ioun, the goddess of knowledge
Knowledge, Skill, Invention, and Prophecy

Kord, god of storms
The Brass Dragon
Storms, Strength, Family and Protection

The Raven Queen, the goddess of the Shadowfell
The Harvester
Fate, Doom, and Winter

Evil Deities

Tiamat, goddess of the darkness
Greed, Envy, and Tyranny

Bane, the god of war
The Red Dragon
War, Slaughter, Destruction, and Conquest

Lolth, the goddess of lies
The Shadow Dragon
Shadow, Lies, and Domination

Vecna, the god of secrets
The Black Dragon
Undead, Necromancy, and Death

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